Mamas make the world go round.

Welcome to Mama Made! What originally started as a passion project has now transformed into a living, breathing hub for mamas to support one another in their businesses and non-profit organizations. We all know how challenging it can be to simultaneously support our family and honor our ambitions. And yet, there are so many mamas out there doing whatever it takes to become the person they want to be. Mama Made is about uplifting other mamas as they navigate their journey as a business owner. Together, we will grow and embrace motherhood as we’ve always wanted.

Mama Made is your destination for mama-owned entities in the Southern California area. Whether you’re looking for an accountant, a social media strategist, or a baker, Mama Made will help connect you with the products and services you need. And when it comes to supporting non-profit organizations run by mamas, we can help with that too. So take a look around. You might find that mamas can do just about anything.

Mama Made is a Los Angeles based non-profit. Founded in 2020, Mama Made’s mission is to support mamas in their personal and professional aspirations. Mama Made is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.


Lena Kelly

With more than a decade of communications and event production experience in the for-profit and for-purpose sectors, Lena is the Founder/CEO of Lena Kelly Communications and has spent her career working with brands who are making a positive impact on the world. She is also the co-owner of Pasadena Picnic Co., a luxury picnic events company. After becoming a mama to a beautiful daughter, Lena sought out ways to continue to honor her passions while juggling motherhood. When she saw so many other mamas struggling along the same journey, she was inspired to find a way to create a support system focused on helping mama-owned businesses grow and thrive. In 2020, Mama Made was born.

Nicole Berru

An LA native mompreneur with a curious and energetic 5-year-old, Nicole is the creative powerhouse behind The Succulent Surprise. Focusing on making gift giving effortless, she curates gift boxes that provide an immersive experience through colors, textures and scents. In an effort to support her family through this new contactless world, Nicole has successfully developed a unique and innovative brand, becoming a resource for those wishing to stay connected during the pandemic. Nicole is passionate about supporting nonprofits and building partnerships with other female business owners. As a member of the board, she brings firsthand knowledge of the journey many mama business owners are facing and offers a positive perspective on finding success through meaningful and uplifting connections. 

Kaiy Smith-Biesman
Vice President

Meet Kaiy aka THEsommmom and one of the owners of Stems, a curated catering, cheese and charcuterie board company based out of Pasadena that focuses on local and sustainable products. This resident wineaux and foodie along with her mom and grandma decided to create a company that incorporated their love for entertaining and food with her passion and knowledge for wine. Now a few years later, she is leading the way in virtual wine tastings and cheese board events in SoCal. With her do-it-yourself, startup savvy work ethic, Kaiy brings a wealth of business knowledge and inspirational ambition to the board.

April Trettel
Membership Director

April’s professional journey has led to many different places; she became a mental health therapist before pivoting careers to become a circle facilitator, birth doula, and photographer. Throughout her journey, connecting with and helping others has always been on the forefront. She loves holding space for those important life transitions where we need the support of other women. Mom to three beautiful and fiesty humans, she loves supporting other mothers in their own journeys through motherhood.

Virginia Dunne
Marketing Director

Virginia is mom to two energetic boys, James and Henry, and the visionary behind the family-friendly app Adventuroo. Spending her early 20s living and traveling around Europe, her wanderlust only grew when she moved back stateside, living in Denver, Austin, and Los Angeles. Virginia shares her love of adventure with her sons and is always seeking out new family-friendly activities. She loves experiencing the world through their eyes and sharing these new found places with her community of mamas.

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