Mack and Mowgli Project

Mack and Mowgli Project Mack and Mowgli Project Mack and Mowgli Project Mack and Mowgli Project Mack and Mowgli Project Mack and Mowgli Project

We started Mack and Mowgli Project in 2015. We have worked with around 30+ dog-friendly companies in the past 6 years on various donation drives, events and partnerships. We provide a donation box for employees and clients to donate used or new items (see item list below). From there, we make monthly visits to one of the local LA shelters and donate the collected items, helping both the facility and the animals with their unrelenting need of supplies and “wish list” items.

The shelters are extremely under-funded, under-staffed and have very few volunteers or enrichment items for the animals. Therefore, the shelter animals spend 90% of their time in their kennels alone, without any blankets, toys or social interaction. Without the mental and physical stimulation and socialization, the dogs become withdrawn and can appear uninterested or unfriendly to potential adopters- ultimately meaning they continue living isolated in the shelter long term or until they are euthanized. The donated items, such as a blanket or toy brings comfort and joy to a shelter dog who has experienced neglect, abuse or abandonment. And a happy, playful and engaging dog will get adopted over a depressed dog who has seemingly given up hope.

In working with fellow minded companies, we enrich the lives of the shelter dogs and educate the public about the environment in which shelter animals live. And in exposing this truth, it encourages others to adopt from shelters and move away from breeders and pet shops.

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