Pilar Oliva - Real Estate Broker Associate

Pilar Oliva - Real Estate Broker Associate
Sub Category: Real Estate

Meet Pilar, your not-so-typical real estate maven with a fresh twist! With 17+ years of real estate expertise under her belt, she’s not just your average Broker Associate at Serene Team – she’s the ultimate real estate powerhouse.

Pilar’s passion lies in helping clients navigate the intricate world of probate and assisting seniors with the utmost care, as proven by her prestigious CPRES and SRES certifications. But don’t be fooled by her professional prowess; she’s got an eco-friendly side too! Armed with her GREEN certification, she’s committed to finding you the perfect home while keeping the planet green and gorgeous.

Moreover, Pilar is dedicated to assisting home sellers with the same level of care and expertise. Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, or simply looking to sell your property, Pilar understands the unique challenges sellers face in today’s real estate market. Her extensive knowledge of the industry, combined with her environmentally conscious approach, ensures that your home-selling journey will be smooth and sustainable.

Additionally, Pilar finds immense joy in guiding first-time buyers through the exciting journey of purchasing their first home, especially those with families, as she is a PUSD-certified realtor. This certification allows her to expertly navigate all the information about schools available, providing valuable insights to her clients.

Moreover, she takes great pride in assisting clients with lease agreements, ensuring they find the best possible rental solution to meet their needs. With her broad range of expertise and passion for serving her clients, she is the ideal partner for anyone looking to navigate the real estate world with confidence and ease, whether they are buying or selling a property.

Beyond her real estate wizardry, Pilar is a true pillar of her community. You’ll often find her lending a hand to various non-profit organizations, spreading kindness like confetti. But wait, there’s more! She’s the admin of not just one but two wildly successful Facebook groups, making her a social media virtuoso. Connect with her, and you’ll see she’s a self-proclaimed serial networker – think Kevin Bacon in “Six Degrees of Separation,” but make it Pilar.

Pasadena born and raised, and a Los Angeles native through and through, Pilar knows this area like a wizard knows their spellbook! Whether you’re searching for a trendy loft in the heart of the city or a serene suburban sanctuary, she’s got the scoop on every hidden gem.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a real estate adventure with a touch of flair, Pilar is your go-to gal. She’ll make buying or selling your home a memorable journey, sprinkled with laughter, fabulous finds, and witty anecdotes. Dare to venture into the world of real estate with Pilar, and you’ll soon discover it’s not just a transaction – it’s a fabulous experience with a fabulous woman!

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