Web Development by Laura Birek

Web Development by Laura Birek
Sub Category: Web Developer

With over 20 years of professional web development experience, I’ve built sites for individuals, small local businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. With a focus on clean, semantic front-end coding, I’m able to create web sites that are responsive, dynamic, and easy to use and update. My opinion is that a web site is useless if it can’t be easily navigated, and I strive to create sites that are functional and beautiful.


I really know my way around WordPress, and can build a custom theme something fierce.


I spent five years working as a front-end web developer for NBC.com, building and maintaining sites for popular shows such as The Office, Parks and Recreation, and The Voice. Before my time at NBC.com, I worked at AmericanIdol.com (the season Taylor Hicks won… I know…) and on other short-term contracts through Aquent Staffing.


If you’re looking for someone to build or fix your site, shoot me a message. I’ll be happy to talk to you!

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